3.1 Know Your Tools: What is a Web Browser

You wouldn’t expect to know how to make great recipes without knowing how your stove works; nor would you expect to know how to build a home without knowing how your power tools functioned. In the same vein, you won’t be able to effectively do Open Source Intelligence gathering without knowing how your basic tools work. The first thing you need to learn is how to use a browser.

This video will explain the difference between a browser, an operating system and a search engine.

Next we’ll learn a little bit about the Chrome browser and then finally the Firefox browser. There are other browsers you may use, for example Edge (Microsoft) or Safari (Apple) but for the purposes of this course we’ll be sticking mainly with Firefox and Chrome.

Here is a clue to help you know if you’re in Chrome or in Firefox. Look at the top right hand side of the browser. If you see a three dot button, you’re in Chrome. If you see a three line button, you’re in Firefox.

Indicates you’re in the Chrome browser.
Indicates you’re in the Firefox browser.

Not sure what browser you’re currently using? Visit http://whatsmybrowser.org/ to find out.