Why The KeyNorth Group?

The KeyNorth Group is a Canadian company that provides training, corporate investigations and risk management solutions to clients worldwide.

Since 2008, we have served thousands of learners from the public and private sectors that apply OSINT in diverse fields, including law enforcement, public safety and regulatory agencies; corporate security professionals, and those working in risk areas in corporations. We have also worked with individuals who wish to develop their skills as investigators and analysts.

To learn more about our firm, our philosophy and our other training, investigation and consulting services, please visit keynorthgroup.com.



We are passionate about delivering actionable and effective open source intelligence gathering training solutions to our law enforcement, regulatory, intelligence and corporate security clients.

Our instructors are OSINT practitioners as well. We come from law enforcement and corporate investigation backgrounds; and we deal with public record, social media and new apps every day.

In addition to understanding the needs of individual learners, we also understand the unique needs of organizations who manage OSINT functions. From ensuring their team’s training Is on-track through our management reporting, working with organizations on policy, technology recommendations or developing tailored training programs for specific operational units we can work with you to ensure you meet your organization’s OSINT goals.

Our Community

We maintain an active and vibrant OSINT community which allows our former learners from the Canadian Public Sector to stay up on their OSINT skills, maintain access to their learning materials and even perhaps find their next great position. 

For those that are not part of this client group we also maintain an electronic newsletter that we publish twice a month on important OSINT topics. If you would like to sign up to our newsletter please visit here.

How We’ve Helped

  • We have trained thousands of learners In North America, Europe and Africa, including members of dozens of organizations and individuals with a strong background in investigations. 
  • Over 700 individuals worldwide have completed our pre-course assessments, receiving feedback on where to focus their training and access to our pre-course material. 
  • Our training programs and additional resources are available in both of Canada’s official languages, English and French.
  • Our Community of Practice for Canadian law enforcement and regulatory OSINT practitioners, created in 2021, is vibrant and active.
  • Our Organizational OSINT Maturity Assessment has helped dozens of organizations assess themselves on how to successfully incorporate practices, policies, procedures, and technology to conduct OSINT operations. 
  • Our subscribers receive two monthly newsletters; one focuses on case law, techniques, trends and OSINT-related topics, and the other covers important news and updates to products and platforms that are relevant from an OSINT perspective. 
  • We are active in the OSINT community, working to improve the profession by sharing knowledge, participating in conferences and contributing to publications. 
  • Knowledge sharing, innovation and continuous education are core activities at our firm.

Client’s We’ve Served

As a practice we do not publicly disclose our client’s names; however, we have a long history of serving individuals and organizations in both the public and private sectors who play vital roles in public safety, law enforcement, litigation support and risk management.

We also strive to make procurement an easy process. If you represent a public or private sector organization please contact us to learn about our contracting options. 

Online and In-Class Learning

We understand the different needs of Individuals and organizations when deciding the proper format to access OSINT Training. Our online, in-class and blended learning options are designed to improve our learners’ research and reporting skills.

The online version allows learners to complete their training in a self-paced manner with the option to participate in office-hours sessions and contact us for support through our different channels. Our in-person training is designed for groups that can gather for one or more days, depending on their needs. The blended learning options allow groups of learners to complete certain sections of the training in an asynchronous way and interact with instructors for specific sessions.

Finally, we work with organizations to develop specific curriculums and delivery methods that meet their specific organization’s needs. Have several hundred officers that need specific OSINT training? No problem! We can work with you to develop and deliver a program that meets your needs.


How many learners can I register?

For online courses, you can enroll as many learners as you need.

For in-person courses and blended courses, please, contact us to discuss the logistics of the sessions.

How long does it take to complete the online courses?

You will have access to the course for six months after registration.

On average, our Level 1 and Level 2 courses each take roughly 25 to 35 hours to complete. For customized courses the time varies.

How can I contact the KNG if I have a question about my training?

The KeyNorth Group offers a variety of tools and formats to provide assistance to online Learners, including email, telephone and video call support.

You can contact us directly by emailing us at training@keynorthgroup.com or by phone at 613-233-8509 ext 105.

If you are already a learner, you can RSVP for our office hours.

What technological requirements do I need to consider for online training?
  • A working computer or laptop with recent updates.
  • A Windows environment.
  • An updated web browser.
  • The ability to access a wide range of websites. Please consider any restrictions your employer may put on your activities and address those in advance of taking the course.
What logistic requirements do I need to consider for in-person training?
  • You are responsible for your own meals and to arrange your own travel.
  • A personal laptop for each participant that has been recently updated. We recommend a Windows laptop as the training is delivered in a Windows environment.
How can I follow up on the progress of my team?

Monthly reports are sent to managers as requested. We can customize your reports to include additional data. Please, contact us for further information.

Will I obtain a certificate?

All our courses include a certificate for participants, where we highlight the topics covered.

Are you recognized as a training provider for the agency I work for?

Numerous agencies in Canada recognize our courses as approved to meet their OSINT training requirements. Contact your training coordinator to learn more, or contact us to help you find the answer.

Do you offer customized training solutions or other OSINT consulting services?

Yes, we have worked with clients to develop customized training courses to meet their organization’s needs including specific course curriculums and developing e-learning content that they host in their own environments.

A number of our clients have turned to us to help them develop the framework around their OSINT activities, including helping them to develop policy, an organizational chart, procedure documents and provide advice on technology solutions.