4.3 Google is Not the Only Search Engine

Google might be the largest search engine, but there are certainly others.

Bing.com, by Microsoft is the second largest search engine. It also has advanced search features.

Millionshort.com allows users to remove the first 100 to 1 million search results. Trying to remove the influence of large search engine algorithms? This is an option.

Duckduckgo.com is the search engine used by the TOR browser because of its anonymity. It promises not to record your search history. The benefit is that it does not consider what you searched in the past when serving up new search results, each search is “fresh”.

Baidu.com is a large Chinese search engine.

Yandex.com is a large Russian search engine.

There are a myriad of other search engines online that offer different features. You can research them and try them out for your own work.