What to Expect

The KeyNorth Group OSINT training has been developed and constantly updated by experienced practitioners. It gives participants the skills and knowledge necessary to gather and analyze data from publicly available sources, highlighting the relevance of the operational context. Our different delivery options, the resources we produce, and the availability of English and French content will help individuals and organizations reach their goals of conducting Open-Source professionally and effectively.

Online Learning

Level 1 Open Source Intelligence – Certificate: Designed for analysts and investigators seeking fundamental skills in open-source intelligence gathering. Learners can choose between a Canadian public-sector, private-sector, or general edition of the course.

Level 2 Open Source Intelligence Certificate:  This advanced training is ideal for analysts and investigators ready to expand their open-source intelligence capabilities. Tailored editions include options for the Canadian public sector, private sector, or a general approach to Level 2 training.

Enhanced Deep Web Research – Level 2 Course*:  In this advanced course, learners navigate Canadian and international deep web sources, auction and classified sites, and gain insights into mobile dating apps.

Enhanced Collection and Analysis Techniques – Level 2 Course*:  In this advanced course, learners learn about capturing techniques for detailed content analysis. Advanced concepts such as natural language processing and the connection behind websites will be introduced.

An Introduction to Situational Awareness Through Open Source – Level 2 Course*: In this advanced course, learners approach techniques for conducting situational awareness using open source, including ways in which groups may raise money, how they might communicate and organize, and options for conducting real-time monitoring of events.

* *To earn the Level 2 Open Source Intelligence Certificate, learners must successfully complete the “Enhanced Deep Web Research,” “Enhanced Collection and Analysis Techniques,” and “An Introduction to Situational Awareness Through Open Source” courses.

In-Class Learning

In-class OSINT training brings you face-to-face with instructors who are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of open source intelligence. Held in a computer lab or conference room setting, and customizable based on the needs of the class, participants learn relevant skills and gain insight applicable to their day-to-day work.

If you are an agency and wish to host a training session at your organization’s facility specifically for your staff please contact us to discuss your needs.

We also host courses aimed at specific learner groups, for example courses that are tailored for the needs of personnel security teams, specific law enforcement agencies or specific units within agencies. Check out our Events section for more information about our upcoming specific courses or contact us for more information.

Blended Learning and Customized Training

Blended learning is available for those clients who may prefer or require a mix of in-class/live virtual and self-paced online training. It Is available for groups that are Interested In completing some of the modules online and being prepared for in-person or virtual hands-on sessions with our Instructors.