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Individual Learner Self-Assessment Tool

The Individual Learner Self-Assessment tool was designed to give learners who are currently enrolled in our Level 1 program; and those individuals who are interested, a sense of where they are in terms of basic OSINT concepts, tools and procedures.

The average time to complete the assessment is five minutes. Once completed, you will receive recommendations for you to consult specific sections of our pre-course material, the  Introductory Guide to OSINT Gathering for Individual Learners.

If, based on your results in this assessment and your previous experience in OSINT, you think you are ready to take the Level 2 course, please complete and submit the registration form to give you access to our advanced self-assessment.

Organizational OSINT Maturity Self-Assessment Tool

The Organizational OSINT Maturity Assessment is a tool designed for agencies, organizations and departments to help them identify their strengths and gaps relating to their organizational structure, developing policies and procedures, identifying best practices, accessing technology and implementing OSINT training programs. 

The Assessment was Initially built to support law enforcement agencies, regulatory agencies, public safety organizations and corporate security groups; however, most of the practices mentioned can help any organization understand how developed their OSINT function is. It is easy to use and the estimated time to complete it is 30 minutes. You will receive your results once you complete all sections, PDF the results and get started on developing your plan right away.

Introductory Guide to OSINT Gathering for Individual Learners

This guide allows prospective and new learners to clarify basic OSINT terminology and identify some of the tools used by practitioners. The guide can be read as a complete document or accessed after completing the Individual Learner Self-Assessment Quiz to identify the sections that better suit your knowledge of basic OSINT concepts and procedures.  

You access the guide here. 

Community of Practice

Learners and former learners from the Canadian public sector have access to the Community of Practice platform. There, they will find forums to discuss emerging topics, tips, news and relevant information from us and from other OSINT practitioners. Community members also have access to our Handbook of Quick-Reference Guides, the OSINT toolkit, contests, and access to our office hours sessions. 

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