The KeyNorth Group’s Personnel Security (PERSEC) open-source intelligence (OSINT) course is a 3-day, comprehensive, in-class course, designed specifically for government personnel security professionals. Our course provides learners with the OSINT skills they need, while ensuring compliance with the Standard on Security Screening.

Meeting “The Standard”

The Standard on Security Screening (“the Standard”) requires that “Open Source” (i.e. OSINT) inquiries be conducted whenever an Enhanced Reliability or Enhanced Top Secret clearance is being contemplated. The Standard also states that “Open source checks may be conducted when not otherwise indicated as a mandatory security screening activity when adverse information is uncovered, for cause, or for the purpose of periodic monitoring as part of Aftercare (maintenance).”

The KeyNorth Group Difference

What makes our course unique, is that it has been specifically developed for screening professionals that work for departments and agencies that must comply with or have chosen to adopt the Standard on Security Screening. One of the key components of this training course is that it provides learners with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to effectively carry out their duties. In this case study, we discuss the experiences of Canadian government personnel security professionals who have previously taken our in-class OSINT course.

The In-Class Experience

This in-class course is designed to be engaging and interactive. Learners are intentionally exposed to a wide range of “real-world” scenarios and case studies, that can be applied to their daily work activities.

In our post-course survey, screening professionals stated that the in-class learning environment was “Very well organized, awesome hands on exercises and practical application” and “I felt very comfortable in asking questions and for assistance any time throughout the course”.

Qualified Instructors

The training is delivered by Chris Pierre, an experienced instructor, who has a deep understanding of the federal government security landscape. Through his experience, Chris provides practical advice and guidance to participants, helping them navigate through various investigative challenges. As the Managing Director of KeyNorth Professional Services Group Inc., Chris has ample experience in assisting clients with background research, general fraud and abuse detection, and open-source Intelligence gathering. Chris provides training to police services, security consultants, and other investigation professionals. Learners also benefit from the additional support that is offered by Chris and the rest of the KeyNorth team. From enrollment to course completion, and beyond, we are there to guide you through any technical or logistical issues you may encounter.

Screening professionals who participated in the in-class learning experience described Chris as “Super knowledgeable, friendly, easy going” and “Chris was a great instructor, very open to questions and exercising ‘outside the box’”. The interactive nature of the training meant that participants were constantly engaged and challenged. As well, the practical exercises helped reinforce the concepts covered in the classroom. Lastly, participants were encouraged to ask questions, which overall deepened their understanding of the material and improved their skills.

Learning that Extends Outside of the Classroom

Our training teaches participants about research sources and techniques so they can effectively gather information from publicly available sources. Sources include, but are not limited to social media sites, news media sites, public record, professional and academic sources, etc. The course also instructs participants on how to properly document their findings. Students leave with tools and skills that they will use for years to come.

Additional Benefits for Learners

  • Access to our online community of practice which is restricted to Canadian law enforcement and public sector investigators. The community includes toolkits, quick reference guides, how-to videos, OSINT related job postings and more! Learn more about our online community here.
  • Our current handbook and access to future handbooks as they become available.
  • A certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Overall, our course is a valuable investment for organizations and screening professionals wanting to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of OSINT. We are excited to be able to provide you and with the skills needed to be successful. For more information about the course and to sign up, please visit our events page.

Check out these other testimonials from recent graduates of the course:

“Fantastic course – thank you for your teachings”

“Loved it! Flowed seamlessly”

“Great in suggesting alternative approaches to solutions”

“Enjoyed them [The assessments]. not many courses have this anymore”

“I think they [The assessments] came easier to me because Chris explained and demonstrated it very well!”

“Great balance between theory and practice.”