The KeyNorth Group has been retained by several training agencies to provide in-person, online, and e-learning development services for their learners relating to open-source intelligence.

Based on the needs of the client the projects varied, but all of them included the delivery of open-source intelligence training and all of them were successfully implemented.

In one example the client traditionally provided training in an in-class environment; however, due to COVID-19, the course was moved online. Our team had traditionally delivered the training in a computer lab environment for over a decade prior to the pandemic and then developed an online version of the course allowing the organization to continue to deliver the training while learners were working remotely. While we used our own authoring tools, we developed specific expertise with their learning management system and the program was successful enough that other groups within the agency used some of the techniques that we developed to deliver their own training.

In the case of another agency, we delivered the technical aspects of OSINT training but that agency chose to deliver its policy training separately. That training was also initially delivered in-class; however, the agency later chose to use our Level 1 training as a basis for the technical aspects of the training. The result is that the organization had high-quality training which allowed it to certify its members to be able to conduct OSINT in a law enforcement environment.

In summary, we work with training agencies in a variety of ways from customized training courses either in-person or online; to pre-set curriculums that can be delivered on-demand. We have experience with a wide variety of authoring tools and learning management systems, and we can work with clients to ensure that their learners are receiving the most appropriate open-source intelligence training available for them. We help our clients manage their operational risk, deliver training in a rapid manner and do so cost-effectively.

If you represent law enforcement, public safety, or regulatory agency and require open-source intelligence training for your members, contact us to discuss your needs.