This was an awesome course. I learned a lot and discussed a lot of important subjects. This will help me a great deal in my future investigations. Testimonial from a Graduate, 2024.

The information below describes who this course is for, what learners will take away from it, and how to register. It also provides you with the contact information for a member of our team who can assist you with any further questions.

Who This Course is For

The Standard on Security Screening (“the Standard”) issued by the Treasury Board Secretariat requires that “Open Source” (i.e. OSINT) inquiries be conducted where an Enhanced Reliability or Enhanced Top Secret clearance is being contemplated. The Standard also states that “Open source checks may be conducted when not otherwise indicated as a mandatory security screening activity when adverse information is uncovered, for cause, or for the purpose of periodic monitoring as part of Aftercare (maintenance).

This unique training course is specifically for screening professionals who work for departments that must comply with the Standard on Security Screening and for those other organizations that have personnel security screening functions, even if they are not a part of the Canadian federal government.

What Participants Will Learn

The course will teach you how to collect evidence from publicly available sources and to do so in a defensible manner should you be called to present the evidence in legal proceedings.

  • You will learn how to gather important information from popular social media platforms, image and video-sharing sites and public record databases.
  • You will learn how to conduct cyber-investigations on websites and who might be behind them.
  • Tools and tips for addressing falsified or misleading information online.
  • Participants will learn fundamental OPSEC principles to maintain their own privacy and anonymity while conducting research online.
  • We promise the training will be hands-on and immediately actionable.

Other Benefits of The KeyNorth Group

Access to our online community of practice, which is restricted to Canadian law enforcement and public sector investigators. The community includes toolkits, quick reference guides, how-to videos, OSINT-related job postings and more!

  • Our current handbook and access to future handbooks as they become available.
  • Access to pre-course self-assessments, which are linked to pre-course materials, to ensure that learners are ready for the in-class training.
  • Each participant will be issued a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Training Details

📌Location: COLLABÜRO 499 Preston St, Ottawa, ON K1S 4N7

📅Dates: Wednesday, November 13 to Friday, November 15, 2024.

 ⏰Time: 8:30 until 4:30 each day.

  ✅Fees: $ 1,227.39  per person (total + HST = $1,386.95)

Technical Requirements

Please note that learners must bring their own laptop computer.

  • The training will be provided using a Microsoft Windows environment. The computer should be a Windows computer.
  • The computer should have the Google Chrome browser installed. The Firefox browser is a nice-to-have but is not necessary.
  • The computer must be able to connect to the Internet through a WiFi connection.
  • The learner must be able to access social media, public records, and image and video-sharing sites (i.e., not restricted by information technology controls).
  • The computer should have at a minimum a PDF creator and a screen capturing tool. A screen recorder is also recommended but not necessary. If the learner uses a preferred capturing tool they may wish to bring that as well in order to practice with it during the class.
  • It is recommended that the computer have a standard office program such as Microsoft Word™ or similar.

Participants can bring peripheral equipment if they wish to do so. Examples include a power adapter, mouse, earphones or similar equipment. A mouse is recommended.

At this time, the course will be delivered in English; however, assistance will be available in French on site.

The training is being delivered live and in-person. If you wish to explore our online self-paced training options, please contact us at, and someone will be happy to assist you.


Please complete this form to register individuals or groups of learners.

The KeyNorth Group Difference

The KeyNorth Group has been providing OSINT training to law enforcement and public sector investigators since 2008. We also have a team of analysts that do OSINT investigations daily. This combination of experience means our firm is uniquely positioned to provide learners with a great learning experience in this unique field of investigations.

For any further questions, please contact Monica Tremblay-Jimenez at, 613-233-8509 x 105.