Please join us April 11, 2024 at Noon Eastern time for our next webinar featuring Chantale Vahey as she presents: “Beyond Maps: Geo-Tools for OSINT Practitioners”. To RSVP to this webinar, please complete the form at the bottom of the page. After your RSVP, you will receive the webinar link 24 hours before the webinar. 

Webinar Description

This webinar will provide participants 4 websites/tools to explore at their leisure pertaining to each micro topic. Participants will be able to look up cell tower locations in their home jurisdictions, research local shortcodes, anticipate & predict the physical size of an upcoming public demonstration, and practice real time social monitoring through Tweet Deck/X PRO.

All 4 micro topics will include a practical component of exploring an available public website. This provides a break from a constant slidedeck presentation and allows visual learners to see how the tools can be used (with mock examples).

Presenter Bio

Chantale VAHEY is a bilingual Criminal Intelligence Analyst supporting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Alberta, Canada. VAHEY leads the analytical service delivery of a specialized unit overseeing Persons Crimes, Property Crimes, and Drug Unit. Through OSINT and Telecommuncations Analysis, VAHEY advances complex police investigations through the interpretation of transactional device records and provides sworn officers with micro OSINT briefings to enrich their digital hygiene and knowledge. VAHEY provides her team with advisory expertise that elicits intellectual curiosity and leads impactful decisions pertaining to community safety. She has also been a facilitator and content developer for the KeyNorth Group since 2023.