On September 12th, at 11am EST, the KeyNorth Group will be hosting another webinar on Artificial Intelligence. This webinar “Rise of the Human Machine: Human Machine Teaming, AI and the Future of OSINT” will be presented by Tadaweb’s Euan Crawford and Micah Clark.

About Tadaweb:

Our purpose is to make the world safer by empowering the human mind with the right information at the right time.

We combine technology with human intuition and expertise, focusing on transparency and ethics to reshape how organizations navigate and utilize the digital world.

Webinar Synopsis:

The arrival of Generative AI has led to rampant speculation about the continuing relevance of humans in a wide range of technology-related fields, including Open Source Intelligence.

Our goal in this webinar is to ground this speculation in research and practice by introducing the field of Human Machine Teaming (HMT) and applying its principles to OSINT work using AI tools and no code/low code automation.

At the end of the webinar, attendees will have a clearer, hype-free understanding of how AI can be harnessed to enhance Open Source collection and be equipped with practical strategies to maximize the benefits of AI and other technologies in their work by drawing on the principles of Human Machine Teaming.


  • Euan Crawford – Head of Tadaweb UK
  • Micah Clark – OSINT Product Director at Tadaweb

This private event is exclusively for our Community of Practice which includes current and former learners from the Canadian regulatory, public safety and government security professions. If you are a current or former learner and work in the professions that are listed, please fill out this form to gain access to our community of practice.