Last month, KeyNorth Group Trainer, Ashley Sametz, delivered a webinar on Mis, Dis and Malinformation and how OSINT can be used to find the truth.

This webinar is helpful for educators, open-source researchers/analysts, and those who want to try to have a better grasp on the information we’re constantly bombarded with through 24-hour news cycles and social media.

Ashley Sametz is a 20-year veteran of intelligence, risk and crime analysis, in both the public and private sector. She began as a fraud and travel risk analyst for TD Bank, and then moved to Waterloo for a career with BlackBerry in 2010. Currently working as Brantford Police Services’ first criminal intelligence analyst, Ashley also teaches part time and is a curriculum designer at Conestoga College in their Police Foundations Program, as well as their newly-developed Fraud, Risk and Investigation program. 

We would like to thank everyone who attended the event and stay tuned for future KeyNorth Webinars!

The webinar recording is available to those who fill out the following form: