Last month, The KeyNorth Group delivered a webinar on Generative AI technology and how it affects OSINT practices.  

Here are some highlights from the webinar:

1. We discussed the difference between artificial intelligence and
generative artificial intelligence, such as how “standard” artificial
intelligence can generate useful insights from data but cannot
create new content; whereas Generative AI can.

2. Important concepts were discussed such as: defining what a prompt
is, what parameters are, what a Large Language Model is and how
the AI can be more or less “creative” in its responses.

3. With respect to prompts we discussed how users of the tool can
design their prompts more effectively. OpenAI has some additional
suggestions here:

4. We reviewed several examples of how Generative AI can assist
OSINT practitioners, including the analysis of information, reporting
in different formats (prose, tables, CSV, etc.) and generally how
Generative AI can be linked to the Intelligence Cycle.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the event and stay tuned for future KeyNorth Webinars!

The webinar recording is available to those who fill out the following form: