KeyNorth Webinars – Building Open Source Information Collection OSIC Frameworks

On February 22, 2024, Alex Bruce, an open source intelligence practitioner for over 15 years, presented valuable insights into the essential components of an effective OSIC framework.

The webinar covered various critical aspects, including the importance of governance structure, the role of technology and assets, the necessity of training and certification, the application of tradecraft and best practices, and the significance of audit and oversight in the realm of open-source intelligence.

Participants engaged, reflecting on their practices and aspirations for their OSINT frameworks, ranging from core to advanced and specialized levels. The discussion also ventured into the challenges of scaling OSINT operations, emphasizing the investment in people, tools, and services to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. The conversation touched upon the landscape of artificial intelligence in OSINT, considering the ethical, privacy, and legal implications of integrating AI into intelligence collection and analysis.
This webinar provided a platform for sharing expertise and strategies, fostering an understanding of how to craft and enhance open-source intelligence frameworks within organizational contexts.