KeyNorth Webinars – Beyond Maps: Geo-Tools for OSINT Practitioners

Last week, on April 11th, 2024, an insightful webinar took place featuring Chantale Vahey, a bilingual Criminal Intelligence Analyst supporting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Alberta, Canada and facilitator and content developer for the KeyNorth Group since 2023.

Following the webinar, participants gained access to a wealth of resources, including four websites/tools tailored to specific areas of interest. From exploring cell tower locations in their home jurisdictions to researching local shortcodes, anticipating the physical size of public demonstrations, and practicing real-time social monitoring through platforms like Tweet Deck/X PRO, attendees were left equipped with valuable insights to delve deeper into their digital investigations. Vahey’s expertise and the actionable tools provided ensure that participants can continue to refine their skills in researching the digital footprints we all leave behind.