Two weeks ago, we hosted the most recent edition of the KeyNorth Group Webinars. We would like to thank the team at Tadaweb for their contribution to the KeyNorth Group Webinar series as well as those in our Comunity of Practice who attended the webinar. It was a great and enriching presentation!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Foundation Models: These AI transformers were developed when researchers began to view data as a language, significantly impacting OSINT by reducing training needs.
  2. Productivity with AI: Tools like GitHub’s “copilot” demonstrate AI’s potential in enhancing productivity, with a vast majority of users acknowledging its effectiveness.
  3. Challenges in AI: Despite its advantages, AI faces issues including high computational costs, potential misinformation risks, and the need for user trust.
  4. Prompt Engineering: Micah emphasized the importance of framing questions or prompts to the AI, which significantly affects the accuracy of its responses.
  5. AI in Video Analysis: AI plays a pivotal role in video analysis by transcribing, translating, and identifying objects in real-time.
  6. Evidence Integrity Tool: Designed with rigorous evidentiary standards, this tool safeguards evidence, ensuring its credibility in legal scenarios while emphasizing trust and auditability.

About Tadaweb:

We combine technology with human intuition and expertise, focusing on transparency and ethics to reshape how organizations navigate and utilize the digital world. Our Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) platform magnifies the impact of investigative and analytical teams. We call this a small data approach. Over the past 10 years, Tadaweb has become a leader in the collection and enrichment of information to effectively scale analysts’ impact. Our SaaS platform follows ethical principles, only relying on publicly available information.

Our team thrives as a result of our diversity and our globally disruptive technology enables us to attract talent from around the world. We are comprised of many different profiles, from highly experienced ex-Fortune Global 500 employees to brilliant minds fresh out of university. Our team is made up of over 20 different nationalities and we are proud to partner with the tech industry leaders.

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Stay tuned for future KeyNorth Group Webinars!