We are pleased to announce that we have launched a free, anonymous tool that organizations that have an open-source intelligence function can use to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. 

The tool is called the Simplified Organizational OSINT Maturity Assessment. It is a questionnaire that you can complete in order to gain an understanding of how your organization is doing along five dimensions relating to OSINT: best practices and capabilities, organizational structure, policy and law, technology, and OSINT training.

It is called “simplified” because of the yes/no format of the questions. The objective was that representatives from organizations can complete the assessment easily, gain actionable insights in an easy to understand format and to start working on their plans as quickly as possible. 

The assessment is ideally suited for individuals who manage an open-source unit, those involved in planning for this function and those who have a review role, such as those working in compliance. 

As noted above, the tool is free and anonymous. We collect aggregate data, but no one is identified and no one from our firm will reach out to you unless you request one of us to do so. 

For more information on our Simplified Organizational OSINT Maturity Assessment and the other ways we support OSINT professionals, please visit our resources page.