KeyNorth Webinars – Importance of Darknet Data in OSINT Investigations by DarkOwl

On Thursday, May 30, 2024, DarkOwl, a leading platform in darknet data collection, hosted a webinar for the KeyNorth Group Community of Practice. The session, which focused on the role of darknet data in OSINT investigations, was attended by Canadian law enforcement, regulatory, public safety, and government security OSINT practitioners.

The webinar began with an introduction to the different layers of the web, defining each and highlighting their unique characteristics. The presenter also discussed the legitimate uses of the dark web, emphasizing its role in enabling anonymous information to be shared around the world.

The session delved into the practical aspects of the dark web, exploring the various types of content found there, such as forums, cryptocurrency activities, and marketplaces.

Through real-life examples, the speaker demonstrated the diverse methods criminals use to leverage the dark web for illicit activities, underlining the importance of understanding and monitoring these platforms. Participants also gained insights into the critical role of the darknet in identifying criminal patterns, targets, and methods, as well as understanding behaviours and networks and identifying threats.

The session concluded with the presentation of use cases that illustrated a multifaceted approach. Cross-referencing with other intelligence sources is essential to guarantee a comprehensive analysis, enhancing the effectiveness of investigations and threat assessments.

The recording of this session is now available for Community Members. For more information on future webinars, we invite you to visit our Events Section.