We are delighted to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website, a fresh digital space dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the learning experience for open-source intelligence (OSINT) professionals.

Our primary goal during this redesign process was to create a more accessible, user-friendly platform for our learners. The new website features a streamlined, intuitive navigation system, enabling existing learners to more easily access their learning portal and to find the various learning supports we provide.

Additionally, for those curious about the realm of OSINT, we have made it simpler to tap into our rich repository of free resources. From our bi-monthly newsletter and comprehensive introductory guide to our unique learner self-assessments and organizational self-assessments, these resources provide valuable insights into the exciting world of OSINT.

This launch represents our commitment to supporting OSINT professionals. We invite you to explore our new website and discover the resources it offers. To learn more information, you can always contact us and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.