Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive.


What is Open Source Intelligence?

Open source intelligence refers to the collection and analysis of publicly available information for the purpose of intelligence gathering or to further another type of inquiry.

How can open source intelligence assist my organization in its investigations?

OSINT can drastically improve both he quality of information obtained and the speed in which information is obtained. Organizations have also found that the cost of completing investigations can be drastically reduced if OSINT is used.

Is OSINT always intelligence or can it be evidence?

Information obtained from open sources can be used as evidence. It is important that practitioners properly obtain information and document their processes even if they do not anticipate that the materials will end up as evidence. The material may later be used in court even if they did not intend to do so.

How long has Open Source Intelligence gathering existed?

The practice of OSINT has existed for decades. If an investigator attended a local land title registry and obtained deeds or mortgage information about a property that investigator was conducting OSINT research.

OSINT has also been used in military options since at least the second world war when allied forces monitored the news broadcasts of axis powers in order to understand the mood of the populations and the Government activities in those countries.

While the invention of social media, messaging apps and the internet more generally has changed the way open source intelligence is conducted and what information is available, the practice of OSINT has existed for much longer than these inventions have been in place.

What are your training options?

We can provide training online, in-class or through blended training options. The reasons why an individual or organization might choose one option over the other has to do with their operational requirements. If you have a mix of team members with varying levels of experience you might want to try an on-line or blended approach for those individuals who are just getting started; and an in-class approach for more advanced users.

Similarly if your organization has a geographically diverse set of learners an online or blended approach (online self study with remote training sessions) might satisfy your needs.

To learn more visit our training page or contact us to discuss your training needs.

You may also wish to visit our upcoming events page to determine if one of the upcoming training sessions will meet your needs.

Do you work with Canadian Government departments and agencies?

Yes, we have several means of supply in place for municipal, provincial and federal agencies; and we are deeply experienced with government procurement processes. Please contact us to discuss your training needs and we can work with you and your procurement department to ensure that contracts are facilitated smoothly.

Do you offer specialized courses or just general OSINT research courses.

We offer both and are often contracted by clients to develop courses just for their needs.

If your team needs specialized Open Source Intelligence training to meet a regulatory, operational or policy objective please contact us to discuss your needs.

What makes your training different?

Our training is actionable. We have a demonstrated track record of focusing on improving the skills of our participants.

How does that attitude manifest itself? We use tried and tested adult-learning methodologies in both our online and in-class training options. Participants consistently give us feedback that they learned a lot from our courses and that they can use what they learn right away.

The members of our development and delivery team come from a variety of backgrounds including law enforcement, private investigation, information technology, gaming and more!

We're also practitioners and use the tools and techniques we talk about every day. To learn more about our professional services please visit the main KeyNorth Group website.

Do you have any free resources?

Yes! We have free resources including a knowledgebase of OSINT tools and resources; a beginners guide to OSINT (a must read if you're just starting in the field) access to a free newsletter which we publish twice a month (more when there is a major change).

Check out our resources page to learn more.

How can I get in touch with someone at the KeyNorth Group to discuss my OSINT training needs?

Simply fill in the form below and someone will contact you. Alternatively scroll a little lower and you will see our email address and telephone numbers.